This is the Randori bout between Josh Ramey (2011 International Randori Champion) and Norihiro Shimada at the 10th International Tournament held in Kawasaki City, Japan.

As there are no weight categories in Aikido randori, it’s possible for a much shorter and lighter Aikidoka (Norihiro Shimada) to come up against a much taller and heavier Aikidoka (Josh Ramey). But being taller/heavier doesn’t mean that you’ll win the bout because skill is an excellent equalizer, just look at the technique that Shimada uses to throw Ramey.

Norihiro Shimada went on to become the 2013 International Randori Champion. View the Mens Randori final between Norihiro Shimada ((Tomon Aikidokai/Japan) vs Junji Konaka (Ryokokai/Japan).

10th International Aikido Tournament 2013: Men’s Tanto Randori qualifying round, Ramey vs. Shimada

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