Nov 2022: Emma promotyed to 1st Dan. Ant to 1st Kyu
Nov 2022: Emma promoted to 1st Dan. Ant to 1st Kyu

Over the last 40 years, these are the Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club members who have been promoted to Dan grade.

  • Chandra Kaur – 3rd Dan
  • Garrett Baxter – 5th Dan
  • Mick Pratt – 3rd Dan
  • Kally Shergill – 3rd Dan
  • Paul Bower – 2nd Dan
  • Lee Mazacs – 2nd Dan
  • Phil Hargreaves – 2nd Dan
  • Debbie Cole – 1st Dan
  • Rowan Hendry – 1st Dan
  • Jon Adsetts – 1st Dan
  • Jonathon Trunkwold – 1st Dan
  • Mat Sheldon – 1st Dan
  • Seb Jackson -1st Dan
  • Rajdeep Shergill – 1st Dan
  • Bradlee Clarkson – 1st Dan
  • Jason Clarkson – 1st Dan
  • B. Godsman – 1st Dan
  • N. Cummings – 1st Dan
  • E. Hewitt – 1st Dan
  • R. Cummins – 1st Dan

How do I get promoted to Dan grade?

We follow the BAA grading syllabus. The starting grade for Seniors is 7th Kyu (“red” belt).

To gain promotion to subsequent grades or belts and be promoted to Dan grade (black belt), you will need to pass a grading where you have to demonstrate the required number of techniques and to the required standard.

  • 6th Kyu (white belt) 5 techniques from Randori-no-kata;
  • 4th Kyu (orange belt) 14 techniques from Randori-no-kata;
  • 2nd Kyu (blue belt) requires:
    • all 17 techniques from Randori-no-kata
    • all 10 techniques from Randori-no-kata-no-ura-waza
    • all 7 techniques from Shichi-hon-no-kuzushi
  • 1st Dan requires:
    • All 17 techniques from Randori-no-kata
    • All 10 techniques from Randori-no-kata-no-ura-waza
    • 14 techniques from Koryu dai Yon
    • 24 techniques from Koryu dai San
Garrett 5th Dan, Rajdeep 1st Dan.

The BAA grading syllabus places an equal emphasis on Embu (Kata) and the application of the Kata techniques in the form of Kakarigeiko, Hikitategeiko and Toshu. You will need to pass both the kata and the application sections to pass a grading.

The BAA does not recognise the award of a Dan grade to young people under the age of 17 years.