We’ve been providing martial arts training in Aikido for juniors (6yrs to 15yrs) and seniors (16+ yrs) for over 40 years.

Where do we train?

Our partner Aikido clubs

If you can’t attend our Thursday or Saturday classes, why not consider one of these Aikido clubs:

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese self-defence and martial art that uses locks, holds, throws, and the opponent’s own movements.

Competitive (or Sport) Aikido is a relatively recent innovation, with national and international competitions for Juniors, Youth, Cadets and Seniors organised by the BAA and WSAF.

Read more about our Aikido club, Aikido, Tomiki Aikido , competitions that Bradford seniors and juniors have competed and examples of Aikido Shiai Randori.

Upcoming events

Club events and competitions:

Want to know more?

You’re welcome to come to one of the two training sessions and speak to any of the club coaches about our Aikido Club.


Our club welcomes beginners and provides a supportive environment for learning and practicing Aikido, regardless of experience level.

Wear any loose fitting clothing such as track suit bottoms and a T-shirt.

Tie back long hair remove all jewellery. Bring flip-flops to wear from the changing room to the dojo.

Always bring a bottle of water to each class.

See taking part in an Aikido training session for more details.

Our mat fees are £5.50 for a junior and £7 for a senior, payable for just the training sessions attended.

See our club details page for more details.

As members of the British Aikido Association (BAA) we follow the BAA grading syllabus which defines the requirements for each kyu grade (yellow, orange etc) and Dan Grade (black belt).

To be awarded a dan grade, you will need to pass a formal grading demonstrating both Kata and Hikitategeiko (application of Aikido techniques).

See Tomiki Aikido Syllabus for more details.

Just come to either Sedbergh Leisure Centre or Kents Gym 15 mins before the Aikido class starts and one of the club coaches will answer any questions you may have.

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