Garrett Baxter – 5th Dan

Garrett Baxter
Garrett Baxter

Garrett (or Gaz), started Aikido in 1985 training with Chandra Kaur and Bob Jones in Bradford and Leeds. 30 Years ago, Gaz took over from Chandra Kaur as the principle coach of Bradford Tomiki Aikido club.

Domestically Garrett has won National titles both in kata and team randori and lead the Bradford junior team to 15 national and regional titles.

An ex-member of the BAA National Squad, Gaz competed as a BAA Squad member in Osaka (2001), Leeds (2003), Katsuura (2005) and captained the BAA team in Kyoto (2009). Garrett served as a referee in London (2011), Kawasaki (2013), London (2017), San Diego (2019) and Tenri (2023).

Today, Garrett is a proud member of the Leeds Central Aikido and Bradford Aikido clubs. Garrett likes nothing more than seeing junior aikidoka move through the ranks to national squad level.

Kally Shergill – 3rd Dan

Kally Shergill

Kally took up Aikido in 2003 after watching his both children train in Aikido. He completed in a number of national Aikido competitions as well as the 2011 International Aikido Tournament held in London.

He’s been a coach at Bradford Tomiki Aikido for over 12 years.

Paul Bower – 2nd Dan

Paul Bower

Paul started Aikido in 1984 at the age of 10 under the instruction of Chandra Kaur, passing his first Dan at 17 the same year Garret passed his.

Paul has recently come back on the mat after a few years away. But has come back with a renewed love of the sport and the Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club.

His main aim is to assist in the continued growth and success of not only the Bradford club but also Tomiki Aikido’s future going forward.

Jason Clarkson – 1st Dan

Jason Clarkson
Jason Clarkson

Jason started his Aikido career after watching his both children train in Aikido.

Jason completed in a number of national Aikido competitions and after a break returned to training and gained promotion to Dan grade.

Bradlee Clarkson – 1st Dan

Bradlee Clarkson

Bradlee started Aikido career as a junior and won titles in each of the junior age groups.

Bradley was a member of the club during the period when the Bradford Club won a number of Junior National and Regional titles.