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Blitz Gi size details

A single weave Judogi (ju-doh-gee) or Judo suit jacket is made from heavier cotton than that of a standard Karate suit and will survive better the pulling and tugging of some Aikido techniques. Judo trousers also have a second layer of material sewn at the knees, another heavy wear area for Aikido players that is not present on a Karate suit.

Judo suits are sized by the height of the wearer, in centimetres. Judo suits shrink slightly from new after washing, so it is best to get a suit in the closest size ABOVE your height.

This is the size chart for a Blitz Gi.

Kids Student Judo Suit00120 cm, 4ft
Kids Student Judo Suit0130 cm, 4ft 3ins
Kids Student Judo Suit1140 cm, 4ft 7ins
Kids Student Judo Suit2150 cm, 4ft 11ins
Adult Student Judo Suit3160 cm, 5ft 3ins
Adult Student Judo Suit4170 cm, 5ft 7ins
Adult Student Judo Suit5180 cm, 5ft 11ins
Adult Student Judo Suit6190 cm, 6ft 3ins
Adult Student Judo Suit7200 cm, 6ft 7ins