On Friday 20th September, Bob Jones Sensei (UK – Leeds) used Phil as his “uke” for his seminar on Aikido. Phil looked slightly worried and he had every reason as Bob throw Phil over his shoulder!

Saturday saw the start of the competitive events for 10th International Tournament, with the qualifying rounds completing on Sunday 22nd September. In total there were over 400 Aikidoka that took part in the tournament.

The semi-finals and finals for all the events will be held on Monday 23rd September. Members of the BAA team are through to the semi-finals or the finals for all but one event – four pairs in the final for Dai San and Open kata (free style), three pairs in basics, Kongo team in the semis, men’s and women’s randori teams and Laura Beardsmore, Jermaine Liburd and Natuley Smalle in semi final of individual randori.

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