Phil, Gaz and Seb at the 2013 International Award Ceremony
Phil, Gaz and Seb at the 2013 International Award Ceremony

Fantastic news from the 10th International Tournament (Kawasaki City, Japan) where Phil won Silver as part of the the 5 man BAA Randori Team. Although Seb wasn’t wasn’t able to win a medal, he and Phil did reach the semi-finals of the Dan Junanahon event, which was a great achievement.

These are the results for the BAA team that overall won 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals.

Dan Junanahon
Bronze – Sarah Fletcher and Andrew Rigby

Dai San
Bronze – Mick Pratt and Paul Carr

Open Kata
Silver – Mick Pratt and Paul Carr
Bronze – Jermaine Liburd and Daniel White

Individual women’s randori
Gold – Laura Beardsmore
Bronze – Natuley Smalle

Individual Men’s Randori
Bronze – Jermaine Liburd

Women’s Team Randori
Gold – Laura Beardsmore, Natuley Smalle, Danielle Jones and Sarah Fletcher

Men’s Team Randori

2013 Japan Silver Medal - Men's Team randori
2013 Japan Silver Medal – Men’s Team randori

Silver – Paul Carr, Daniel Ramsden, Jermaine Liburd, Phil Hargreaves, Doyin Ogunbiyi

Gold – Danielle Jones, Dan Ramsden, Mick Pratt, Paul Carr, Laura Beardsmore, Jermaine Liburd and Doyin Ogunbiyi

Congratulations to everyone in the BAA Team that completed and to Gaz for refereeing.

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