Bradford at the 2023 BAA Nationals
Bradford Aikido at the 2023 BAA Nationals

Amazing performance from the Bradford Aikido Team at 55th BAA Open Nationals. There were gold, silver and bronze medals for our juniors, cadets and seniors in these events : Randori no kata, Kakari-geiko, Ninin Dori, Open Kata and Cadet Randori !

Coach Paul won a medal !
Coach Paul won a medal !

Aikidoka from these clubs took part in this championship: Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club, Dublin Tomiki Aikido Club, Edinburgh Aikido Club (Heriot-Watt University), Leeds Central Aikido, Leeds Shodokan Aikido Club, Renshinkan Aikido Club (Manchester), Scott Hall Aikido Club, Sheffield Shodokan Aikido Club and Yon Ju Hachi (Harrogate, Garforth and Whetherby clubs).

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