Over the May Bank Holiday (27th-29th May), a number of Bradford Juniors took part in an International Junior Aikido Training Camp that was held at the Sportscentre Bloso – Netepark in Herentals, Belgium.

This was a two day event, with a mixture of Aikido training, a tug-of-war, hopping on one leg (which had something to do with Aikido), a strange game with bin liners and numerous meal outs in Belgium.

These are pictures from this camp – looks like everyone had an enjoyable time.

Everyone loves Aikido

Everyone loves Aikido!

Tug of war (aikido style)

Tug of war – Aikido style.

Aikido on one leg

Aikido on one leg!

Fun with bin liners!

Evening out in Belgium

Night out in Belgium – you do meet the strangest folk!

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