Garrett - Celebrating 30 as Bradford Coach
Garrett – Celebrating 30 as Bradford Coach

2022 marked 30 years for Garrett as the principle coach at Bradford Tomiki Aikido club.

As as club it’s easy to focus on the club members that have been promoted to Dan grade, the many championships won by the Juniors (BAA Junior National Championship 7 times; the BAA Junior Northern Open Champions 9 times and the BAA Junior Southern Open Championship 3 times) and club members winning medals at the BAA Senior Championships, JAA International Festivals, ETAN European Championships, WASF European Championships and the WASF World Championships.

But as a club we don’t just focus on winning medals – rather creating an Aiki family and building life long relationships. To showcase this, friends and Aikidoka past and present came to celebrate the great club Bradford Tomiki Aikido.

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