European Tomiki Aikido Network (ETAN), was formed on the 18th November, 2006.

The aim of ETAN is to promote the development and practise of Tomiki Aikido throughout Europe. Members include representatives from Belgium, Bosnia, Czech, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

ETAN organises Seminars throughout Europe by prominent Japanese (JAA) Tomiki Aikido teachers. Links with the JAA International Division in Japan are maintained for technical and Dan Grade Registration purposes.

A European Open Championship is also held in selected european cities every two/three years.


Initial meeting – 18th November 2006


  • Jim McArthur, moderator
  • Eddy Wolput, Tomiki Aikido Belgium
  • Juan Carlos Aguilar de la Serna, Malaga, Spain
  • Nelson Casares and Claudio Miravet, Valençia, Spain
  • Adrian Tyndale, Xàtiva Tomiki Aikido, Spain
  • Ken Broome, ­Jugokan, United Kingdom
  • Bob Jones, BAA, United Kingdom
  • John Sydenham, St. Paul’s School, London, UK
  • Ragib Karamehmedovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Steven Hogg, Jugokan, United Kingdom
  • Frits Van Gulick, Tomiki Aikido Nederland
  • Patrick De Block, secretary.

Key principles established

  • An open network with its own identity whoose main purpose is to spread aikido according to the ideas of Prof. Kenji Tomiki.
  • Establish a Network of European Tomiki Aikido Dojos / Organisation
  • Maximum 3 persons represent each country, the participating countries decide amongst themselves their ­representatives.
  • Competition: A European (ETAN) Championship will be held in the year when there is no TAIN (International) Championship.
  • Seminar : A European (ETAN) Seminar will be held yearly. This, however, is not a limit.
  • Grading : To provide a European (ETAN) solution for the participating countries.
  • Appoint a liason officer with the JAA
  • The JAA liaison officer will be the spokesman of ETAN to the JAA (and JAA-related organisations).
  • Eddy Wolput of TOMIKI AIKIDO BELGIUM acted as the 1st JAA liaison officer.


Patrick De Block : Secretary
Eddy Wolput : JAA liaison officer