Clothing price list

A single weave Judogi (ju-doh-gee) or Judo suit jacket is made from heavier cotton than that of a standard Karate suit and will survive better the pulling and tugging of some Aikido techniques. Judo trousers also have a second layer of material sewn at the knees, another heavy wear area for Aikido players that is not present on a Karate suit.

Judo suits are sized by the height of the wearer, in centimetres. Judo suits shrink slightly from new after washing, so it is best to get a suit in the closest size ABOVE your height.

This is the price list for a Gi and the club top.

Club Badge£3.00
Blitz Kids Student Judo Suit00120 cm, 4ft£21.00 
Blitz Kids Student Judo Suit0130 cm, 4ft 3ins£21.00
Blitz Kids Student Judo Suit1140 cm, 4ft 7ins£22.00
Blitz Kids Student Judo Suit2150 cm, 4ft 11ins£23.00
Blitz Adult Student Judo Suit3160 cm, 5ft 3ins£28.00
Blitz Adult Student Judo Suit4170 cm<, 5ft 7ins/td>

Blitz Adult Student Judo Suit5180 cm, 5ft 11ins£30.00
Blitz Adult Student Judo Suit6190 cm, 6ft 3ins£31.00
Blitz Adult Student Judo Suit7200 cm, 6ft 7ins£32.00
Mizuno Adult GiPOA
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedSB26/28£25.00
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedB30/32£25.00
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedY34/36£25.00
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedSM38/40£30.00
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedLM42/44£30.00
Atlanta Fitted Tracksuit Top Black/RedXL46/48£30.00

*prices correct as of 16/02/2017.