The BAA have sent this notice regarding the revised grading policy. A PDF version of this notice is available on the BAA website.

Grading Policy Notice

With increasing international complexity and potential confusion the British Aikido Association wishes to clarify its revised grading policy that will take effect from 1 August 2013.

1. Junior and Youth Gradings

Earlier this year the BAA introduced a new separate Junior and Youth Grading syllabus, promotion awards will remain the same with 1st Dan Coaches being able to grade up to Youth 1 st Kyu within their own clubs, or in partnership with other clubs. These grades must be recorded in candidates grading book to be valid. It must be remembered that the BAA does not recognise the award of 1 st Dan to young people under the age of 16 years and 6 months.

To supplement the grading syllabus a new Junior/Youth Awards Badge scheme has been launched with six badges currently available for young people to achieve. Details of the grading syllabus and awards scheme are available on the BAA website.

2. Senior Kyu Gradings

BAA Kyu gradings are held at club level with qualified 1 st Dan Coaches entitled to promote members to and including 2nd Kyu and with a registered 2nd Dan can grade to 1 Kyu. The grades must be recorded in the candidates grading book.

3. Dan Gradings

BAA Dan gradings will be held at the six approved National courses. The same range of examiners will be used but only Dan gradings achieved under the BAA syllabus at these venues will now be automatically approved.

BAA National Courses and Dan Gradings locations and venues

  1. BAA Spring School North – March – Sheffield
  2. BAA Spring School Ireland – April – Belfast/Dublin
  3. BAA Spring School West – May – Winchester
  4. BAA Summer School North – July – Leeds
  5. BAA Autumn School – South of the River – September – Folkestone
  6. BAA Winter School South – November – Herne Bay

These courses will also provide the full range of delivery including – Coaching, Referee and Judging and Examiners qualifications on a rotating programme. The BAA Senior Kyu and Dan syllabii are unchanged and are available on the website along with registration documentation and fee structure.

4. Meritorious Awards

Grades can still be awarded through the meritorious route by forwarding a proposal for grade to the Executive Committee. The outline should provide the candidates name and current grade along with a description of their achievements, technical understanding and contribution to the British Aikido Association. These will be assessed by the Technical Committee and awarded at the AGM each year. Individuals awarded grade through the meritorious route are not eligible to act as BAA Dan Grade

5. Recognition of JAA / SAF grades

Only Dan grades awarded directly, at a formal grading, by Nariyama and Shishida San will be recognised by the BAA. Grades awarded through appointed representatives of the JAA will not be recognised and are not eligible to be Dan Grade examiners within the BAA.

Bob Jones

Chairman – British Aikido Association

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