Fantastic Bradford Aiki road trip to Antrim to attend the 2023 Rising Dawn Seminar held over the weekend of 15th & 16th April.

Summary of the seminar:

Gaz (5th Dan BAA) went through the four sections of the Koryu Dai Go; along with Aikido freeplay development and randori practice.

Keith McClean (5th Dan BAA) went through the Koryu Dai San weapon sections which are required for the BAA 3rd Dan examination.

  • Tachi-dori (Section D – Standing Techniques, hand against sword )
  • Jo-no-bu Jo-dori (Section E – Standing Techniques, hand against Jo)
  • Jo-no-bu Jo-no-tsukai-kata (Section F – Standing Techniques, Jo against hand),

Alan McQuarrie (5th Dan SAF) presented a number of sessions focusing on personal protection.

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