WSAF European Aikido Championships 2022 (Day 2)

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Dartford Judo Club
Cotton Lane

2022 WSAF European

Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation (WSAF) European Aikido Championships 2022 for Juniors, Youth, Cadets and Adults

Venue: Dartford Judo Club, Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
Dates: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2022

Participation is open to all Aikidoka irrespective of association, affiliation or style.

Only national flag badges maybe worn – no association or affiliation badges allowed on white Gi.

Entry forms and events will be issued in due course.

Senior Events (i.e. 19 years plus)

  • Randori no Kata 1-17 (any kyu and Dan grade – open handed kyu/tanto Dan)
  • Open Kata (2 – 3 minutes – any grade) or Traditional Open Kata (2-3 minutes – any grade)
  • Koryu Dai San Kata (1-16 techniques -any grade) or Weapons Kata (2-3 minutes – any grade)
  • Ninin Dori (30 seconds each Tori – any grade)
  • Women’s Individual Tanto Randori (3 Kyu and above)
  • Men’s individual Tanto Randori (3 Kyu and above)
  • Men’s Team (3 Kyu three participants)
  • Women’s team (3 Kyu three participants)

Rules, Regulations and formats

Junior, Youth and Cadet rules will follow the already established European and British formats that have developed since 1977.

The senior rules will follow the existing WSAF International format and rules. Both sets of rules and regulations will be sent to all participant groups and posted on the WSAF Website The senior rules will follow the existing international format and Aikido Randori Rules (Regulations and Referee Signals – revised 30th Aug 2008 JAA)


The event is open to all Aikidoka and groups irrespective of association; affiliation or the style of Aikido practiced and is a truly an “open” competition.

Team Points

The competition is open to all groups and associations irrespective of style or affiliation.

Team points for 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points) and 3rd (1 point) place positions will be allocated to the participant’s country of origin/residence, the WSAF recognises nation states as the core participants of the event.

General Clarifications

  • In all competitions the eldest participant will determine which age group can be entered.
  • In Senior competition players can only enter a maximum of two embu /kata events.

Entry Fee

  • Junior, Youth and Cadet £20.00 per person
  • Senior £30.00 per person

This is a standard flat entry fee, irrespective of the number of events entered

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