5th ETAN Open European Club Championship

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17/09/2016 - 18/09/2016
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Almussafes, Valencia, Spain
Municipal Sports Pavilion

5th ETAN Open European Club Championship
5th ETAN Open European Club Championship

Welcome to the 5th ETAN Open European Club Championships.


17th Septemebr to 18th September.


The competition will take place in Almussafes; a municipality in the province of Valencia, Spain. Almussafes is a town just 20km away from Valencia City, different beaches and the Albufera natural park:


All activities of the competition will take place in the Almussafes municipal sports pavilion with an approximate size of three basketball courts, counting with stands and a myriad of changing rooms with showers.


The organisation will not be booking or managing the stay of the different teams / competitors. Luckily Almussafes has an ample offer of hotels from which to choose:

  • Hotel Bartos – 4 star hotel 6 min walking distance from the sports pavilion
  • Hotel Isabel – 2 star hotel 6 min walking distance from the sports pavilion.
  • Hotel Reig – 1 star hotel 2 min walking distance from the sports pavilion:
  • Hotel Tryp Almussafes – 3 star hotel in the industrial center a quiet place but will require a car to go to and from the sports center ( 5 min)

Driving from Valencia city to Almussafes takes an approximate 20 minutes. If you are considering a short holiday before and/or after the competition then hiring a hotel in the city and renting a car and driving to and from the competition is a sensible


The 5th ETAN Open European Club Championships will include the following events:

The list of Randori competition events are as follows:

  • Women’s individual randori
  • Men’s individual randori
  • Mixed team randori ( One woman and two men per team) – alternatively if enough clubs show interest and bring enough competitors – Non mixed team events could be possible

Please note:

  • For all randori matches the 2008 JAA revised rule set will be followed.
  • The suggested minimum age to enter any of the randori events is of 18 years

The organisation will accept people of younger age if and only if:

  • The National organisation, in compliance with their National legislation, allow for them to participate
  • A document proving that the player in question has International Insurance is provided


The list of Embu competition events are as follows

  • Kyu grade Toshu Junana Hon no Kata : The seventeen techniques with out tanto for players with Kyu grade only.
  • Dan grade Tanto Junana Hon no Kata: The seventeen
  • Koryu-no-kata: The suwari waza and tachi waza sections from the Dai-san-no-kata ( Goshin )
  • Ninin dori: Free style ninin dori with two partners using the standard format ( the use of weapons is not allowed).

Please note: A player will only be allowed to enter two embu events , independently if he enters as Uke or Tori.


If any of your National organisation members would like to be referees of an event please contact the organisation.

Obviously, referees will not be allowed to enter as a player the same competition they are refereeing in.

5th ETAN Registration

View the 5th ETAN registration form.

In order to register please fill out a registration form ( in one of the available formats that suit you) and send it no later than the 30th of April to valencia.tomiki.aikido@gmail.com.