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The Koryu-dai-Ichi is the basis for all the following Koryu-no-Kata and should be demonstrated with particular precision. Whilst demonstrating a range of classical traditional techniques emphasis should be made of large flowing circular movements.


The only Koryu-no-Kata, which does not include techniques whilst kneeling. This Koryu no Kata focuses on traditional classical techniques whilst emphasizing tight circular actions and close quarter control.


This is a ‘fighting’ or ‘self defence’ kata and should be demonstrated in an effective and dynamic manner in keeping with ancient fighting methods.


Based upon the Shicho-hon-no-Kuzushi and Ura-waza. In the first section, Tori should demonstrate large sweeping movements, clearly maintaining centre and Uke must be very light on the feet. An emphasis should be made on Tori maintaining centralization whilst applying flowing dynamic kazushi (balance breaking). Precision should not be sacrificed for speed.


Many of the techniques are similar to some which are be found in the Koryu-dai- Ichi, Koryu-dai-Ni and Koryu-dai-yon. By this stage, candidates should be well versed in most of the techniques and so will be able to demonstrate them at greater speed and more powerfully.


Recognised to be the most complicated and difficult Koryu-no-Kata. It is the only Koryu-no-Kata to include techniques where Tori (or Toshu) are armed with the knife (Tanto). Candidates should show slow, smooth and flowing kneeling techniques. The speed of the standing techniques should steadily increase and end in a crescendo. The whole Kata should be demonstrated with soft, flowing, gracefully movements.

Go Shin Ho

Fourth Dan

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